Pastor Dwain New Creation

Use your WILL?


Spirit led, Word led, Faith led or Will Led.


Maybe in the past we’ve been will led, but now we need to be Spirit led.


Your WILL is the decider.  Decision maker.  Faith follower.


Your WILL is the umpire of your heart…


Standing as the membrane between the soul and the spirit.


Your will is the rudder to the heart.


You will always have a choice as how to think and what to think about.


Romans 8:6  “set your mind on things above”


Colossians 3:1  “set your mind on things…”


Philippians 4:4  “think on these things…”


II Corinthians 10:3  “take every thought captive…”


Your tongue is the umpire to your body.


James 3:2-6  “wherever the inclination of the pilot desires…”


Mark 11:22  “You will have whatsoever you say…”


Matthew 17:21  “it should obey you…”


Matthew 18:18  “whatsoever you bind shall be bound…”