Pastor Dwain Prayer



You really think intercession does any good?


I find too many of us are “waiting” on God to touch people…for them to initiate.


In this way we think,”If God wants me to witness and touch someone, then by the Holy Spirit, hopefully He’ll create an open door for me to witness to them.”   IE., want people to come up to us and ask how to  become a Christian. 


Therefore, much of our theology puts a huge amount of responsibility on God, responsibility that He already put on us.

  • We are the ones called to pray.
  • We are the ones called as ministers of reconciliation.
  • We are the ones called ambassadors.
  • We are the ones given the keys of the Kingdom to bind and loose.


Too often we see ourselves as small and our influence insignificant. 


When we think of Moses the great intercessor, we think of ourselves as being much less significant than he.  He talked with God and argued with Him.  He told God that he couldn’t wipe out the children of Israel.  He stood in the gap of judgement and destruction and God granted them forgiveness.  (Numbers 14:19)  


We don’t see this as a valid and present calling, let alone that we can presume upon God in this way.


When we think of Abraham interceding for Sodom, we think of ourselves as small in nothing in comparison.  (Genesis 16:18)  We think, “that was an era past and a privelige beyond us.”  Yet these were just types and shadows of the spiritual role you and I play in this day through prayer.