Understand the power of the promises

Pastor Dwain Faith

Anytime you think you are a “have not” a person who has been “passed over”  “over looked”  that you have “missed out” that you are “doomed” or without “an advantage” in life it will produce fear, striving, bitterness, jealousy, anxiety, and every kind of evil.

–the promises assure us that we are apple of God’s eye, that we are on center stage, that we are blessed, the head and not the tail, restored, gifted, set apart, special, heirs of the whole world, anointed, strong, wise, provided for…   if God be for us who could be against us.

The promises of God give us a changed perspective on life.  They are the basis of a changed perspective.  And as a man thinks so is he ( Prov 23:7).   Be renewed your mind, to know Gods good and perfect will.

It is there that you find your identity and your inheritance.  Thus you will find your hope, your success, your answers and your sustaining enablement.

Since you are “in Christ” hidden in Him, all the promises of God belong to you by faith, not because you qualify through the Law.

These promises make us a “have” instead of a “have not”.  They give us God’s perspective on what life can be and should be.  If we trust and believe we can have God’s new life and plan instead of the old one we’ve settled for.

Look for the promises today and meditate on them!