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This is a great season for building new relationships and getting to know new people for the sake of the gospel.  If you have children in your home this new season ushers in all sorts of possibilities.  Soccer for Sterling means a new set of parents to talk to, meet and connect with at practice and games.  School means a new set of teachers and parents as well.  Join the PTA or some service organization and you’ll meet another new group.  Think now of the people groups you connect with.  These interactive – impact opportunities are essential to dispensing the Gospel.

Jesus said the Gospel would leaven the earth, but leavening can only work if it gets mixed in to the dough.  After being a Christian only a short time we tend to disconnect from culture in ways where we could bring impact and we tend toward relationships within the Christian community alone.

This is why I brought up the Bunko challenge.  I have seen us and our neighbors use Bunko to bring a bunch of unrelated people together for fun.  Next thing you know they are getting to know one another.  Usually the social connector of any group automatically is honored and looked up to as a leader.  Here is a great way to begin to impact others.  Don’t be fooled, you can’t be leaven on the sidelines.  You must be worked into the dough.

Come to a Bunko party at the Wolfe’s and see how easy this is.  Email pastor@newhcc.com and let me know you are BUNKO.  I’ll fit you in to a Bunko night.