Pastor Dwain Marketplace

The life of the believer is powerful and fun.  Everyday we get to make an impact upon people around us.  For us, the ministry of Jesus doesn’t start at church, but in the marketplace.  It’s there we are praying for people, giving liberally, sharing our testimony and seeking to bring them the restoration God has ordained.  As they respond to love, hospitality and benevolence you’ll be able to bring them to a family celebration.  This is to assimilate them into the culture of faith.  And this is partially why Sunday morning’s celebration is exciting.  Sunday’s celebration is our chief point of assimilation.


2. Absorb and integrate (people, ideas, or culture) into a wider society or culture…


Every single newcomer is a huge victory for the Kingdom.  They are symbolic of a heart that is open and hungry to understand God and receive His love.  They have received enough love and encouragement that they are now interested in joining our culture.  It’s a wow moment when a visitor graces our door.  We want to burst with excitement.  This is our opportunity to show them how cool and gracious our culture is.  Let’s do this with all our hearts.  Let’s greet them with enthusiasm.  Let’s  move them to the front of the coffee line.  Let’s show them the media table.  Let’s get them the best seat.  Let’s wait on them hand and foot.  Let’s pray for them and reach out to them.  Let’s check in their kids and get them food.  This our chance to convince them they can’t live without this amazing family.