Pastor Dwain Marketplace

Can the church be a hospital and an army?  Can we feed and get fed?  Is our celebration all about me, the healthy believer, or is celebration a harvesting, healing net for the lost?   These are powerful philosophical questions.  These questions introduce the tension that exists in so many churches.  Most Christians have their major interface with their church on Sunday morning through the Sunday celebration.   In most cases they want that celebration to minister to them, please their personal preference, feed them and bless them.  In most ways, they come to the celebration as consumers.  Is this healthy?  Is this imbalanced?  Left alone, this is unhealthy and unprofitable for the believer and the church.  The bible is clear, the most life giving thing we can do is get involved in restoring others.  This must be the tension that causes balance within our hearts and the local church.  Jesus came to seek and save that which is lost.  That mission has not changed.  When the church forgets soul winning, reaching and restoring the lost and hurting that church is in danger of dying.  I think we can be an army and a hospital at the same time, we can feed and get fed, we can consume and give.  Both are possible if purpose to embrace the tension and strive to live in this balance.

As the Father sent Jesus, we have now been sent.  Let’s daily seek out the hurting, the lost and disillusioned.  Let’s love them and win them.