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Announcing the Bunko Challenge!

Bunko has been a great tool for gathering people, mixing them up and having an hour of fun and laughter.  Some say that golfing is a top social mixing tool, but Bunko might have it beat!  Some of you have experienced the fun of Bunko.  It may the best kept secret for building relationships with people.  Old people, middle aged people and young people.  We recently had 36  high school students over for Bunko.  Herein I’m compelling you with the Bunko Challenge.

Set a Bunko date, get on Facebook, go to email, walk the neighborhood, distribute invites at work and fill your living room with a mix that includes unchurched people.  How fun and fulfilling would it be to build friendships with unchurched people in such an environment?!  Get one under your belt and your confidence and wisdom will soar.  Then as a part of the Bunko challenge, set a goal of one outreach “party” a month.   Then pray for insight on how to mix in just a few moments of spirituality.  Remember, light is meant to shine in darkness. You could close in a simple prayer and ask for a blessing on all who came… keep it light and not too heavy.  Remember you are preparing the soil of their hearts so later you can invite them to church or to a small group.

If you are going to take the challenge, let me know at pastor@newhcc.com