Through the stomach

Pastor Dwain Uncategorized

We are so privileged to have so many resources at our finger tips! Few churches in America have the opportunity we have.

One major family touching resource we have is food. Think about the time when you were down on your luck and someone brought you a food basket or food gift. My parents led small churches in Oregon and often someone would bless us with a food gift. It usually came at just the perfect time. We’d be so blessed and we’d feel so loved by the expression of some family taking time out to care for us and we’d talk about it for days, never to forget the family that blessed us.

You have the same opportunity at our finger tips right now. The opportunity to be a huge blessing to another family…no strings attached. Since December 1 over one million cases of food have been distributed through our New Horizon warehouse. We have plenty to share and would love to support your efforts in loving some family.

Each week we receive 2500 loaves of fresh bread from the Franz bakery. We’re getting fruit, vegetables, salad mixes, meat, chips, dairy products, potatoes, etc.

I’ll be honest, I’m looking to kill two birds with one stone.

I’m looking for people who will come get a bag of groceries to distribute and I’m looking for people who will help me staff a 2 hour food distribution, mid week. I believe that we could bless more families and make a loving spiritual impact on our community people with a mid-week distribution.

Pray about the opportunity we share and let me know if you can be involved. Pray for our church to catch this spirit of giving.