Targeting the Marriage and the Family

Pastor Dwain Uncategorized

Today we begin praying for Family and Marriage. The family represents one of the seven mountains / spheres of culture. To see how important this mountain is, just look at the working of Satan against this realm.
Increased of divorce
Blurred roles of male and female
Abortion of babies
Transgender identity
Increase of Homosexuality
Increase of bi-sexuality
Increase of domestic violence
Increase of pornography and sexual impurity

These categories of sin, confusion and dysfunction are a glimpse into all that’s working to destroy the stable, Godly family unit.

Let’s humble ourselves and ask for the perfecting work of God in our family.
Let’s repent of impurities that have “fueled” Satan’s agenda.
Let’s repent of any retreat from the “war”.
Let’s pray that the church becomes the example of excellence in this sphere called family.