Pastor Dwain Faith

One of the primary realms where we struggle with negativity and thoughts that contradict the Christ life is in the realm of fear.  Satan loves afflict the believer with fear.  We must discern that fear is not of God, nor does it fall under a category we should accept or fall prey to.  Here in are some biblical technics to confront and overcome fear. 

  1. Realize it is normal to have the need to conquer a fear everyday. 

For some odd reason we think it strange when we’re faced with issues that cause fear.  On the contrary, I would suggest that this is normal.  Jesus said, “in this life you will have tribulation.”   I might suggest that this could be referred to as troubulation.  And troubulation can cause fearulation. 

If you have troubles, you will have a cause (reason) for fear.  It’s there that Satan shows up to bring his influence of fear ( which is doubt of God, doubt of victory, doubt of enablement, etc.).   Fear comes in many shapes and sizes and is usually topical in it’s effect.  Meaning it’s usually fear of something.  I.E., fear of loss, fear of abandonment, fear of failure, fear of death, fear of injury, fear of rejection, etc.   It’s topic usually relates to what you are now experiencing or have previously experienced.  Jesus went on to finish this statement about tribulation by saying, “be of good cheer (in spite of the troubles) because I have overcome.” 

The Bible gives us 365 “fear not’s”.  This is symbolic, wherein Father is saying, “I’ve got you covered every single day of the week.  “Fear not” fear.   Don’t be fooled into thinking you won’t have to conquer some fear.  Its ok, it’s good and with God you are up for the challenge.

The other reason for fear is due to a challenge or a calling to do something you’ve never done before (or have limited experience and knowledge).  God might call you to do something you’ve never done before.  It’s then that you might hear the voice of fear.  Just remember it’s not the new creation talking, it’s not the testimony of Jesus in your spirit.  It’s the testimony of Satan being picked up in your soul. 

Don’t shrink back under this voice of fear.  If God called, God will enable.  If he put a dream within you, a passion within you, then it’s meant to be fulfilled.  We live so short of our dreams due to fear of the unknown.  Prepare within the boundaries of balance, then step out and leave the rest to his enablement.