Sharpening your edge in the Marketplace

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It’s not what happens to you in the marketplace that matters.

It’s how you respond to this issues that determines your edge in the marketplace and your value to the marketplace.

The way you respond (in attitude or demeanor) will greatly affect your future in the marketplace.

And you must know that your response tells us and the world around you if you are walking in faith or walking by fear due to circumstance.

If you are walking in fear under seen circumstances, you will respond or react in a negative manner.

Your reaction will determine your attitude, witness, your influence, your promotion, your reputation.

What do others say about you and how desirable you are in the marketplace.

You must remember that talent and skill aren’t chief in the marketplace.

Attitude and demeanor are chief, and a desireable attitude flows out of a heart of faith:

All of us are are tempted to fall prey to fear in the midst of adversity:

Fear of missing out.

Fear of failure.

Fear of disappointment (missing an appointment with destiny)

If you respond/react to adversity in fear, failure and panic;

You will seek to control everything you possibly can

Seek to defend yourself

Seek to blame other

Seek to confront anything that’s harming success

Walk in Anger, bitterness and unforgiveness…  think how Joseph could have been acting

You will alienate others

make irrational decisions

move in haste

show signs of self doubt,  question yourself/ (notice that this bad is not attributed to Joseph’s fault)

Uncover authority; because they messed you up and ruined your life

All of this will repel business, bosses, managers, promotion and clients from you.

Fear is meant to be displaced and rejected, as we know of God’s perfect love for us.

I John 4: 18  There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.

God’s love is the opposite of Judgment / punishment.

Perfect Love will drive out (displace) all fear

Fear rises up against our hopes, dreams, ambitions and callings to minister doom:

At the foundation of Jewish faith (the faith of Abraham) and the faith of Christianity, there is this understanding that God is able to overcome negative circumstances to bring about His will.

God just needs that a person continues to believe.

Believe that negative circumstances aren’t our lot in life.

Believe that negatives can be changed and overcome.

But God is not limited to good to bring forth good.

Believe that God can bring good out of bad.

That we are not victims of circumstances.

More than one way to get ‘er done:

There is not a doubt that God could have escorted Joseph into the position of influence in some other way, some other method, some positive or not so negative method.

But what if this is in the bible…a true to life, not so good all the time story…

What if this is in the bible, because God was showing us he can use bad to accomplish his purposes?

What if He is trying to get us to think outside the box.

God did not chose this method, he used this method.

He did not stir up hatred against Joseph from his brothers, but he used it.

He did not inspire the Midianites to sell Joseph, but he used it (and might have directed it)

He did not inspire Potiphars wife to lust over Joseph, but he used it.

What Satan meant for a curse he turned around to bring great blessing.

He did this on purpose to show us that we never have to be a victim of our circumstances.

He did this to show us our faith combined with his promises is bigger than any circumstance.

He did this to break us out of the box we put Him in.

We tend to think He can only get His will done if things are perfect.

We tend to think if things go off a little that it’s messed up and we’ve missed his perfect will and it’s irretrievable.

We tend to think only the good will turn out good.

And the cults would say, that if bad happens to you, you deserved bad.

It’s the God’s

It’s the Karma

It’s a repayment

Thankfully Joseph didn’t have that kind of faith.

Joseph had faith in the working of a providential God who would cause all things to come to the good.