Sharpening your edge in the Marketplace

Pastor Dwain Marketplace

4.  All in life is poised to knock dreaming out of your system.

Satan, the world, the grind, life, enemies, busy ness, failures, injuries, jealousies, selfishness, envy …. All want to knock this dreaming out of your system.

It’s no different today than it was then.

Joseph was hated, mocked, and plotted against.

Imagine how they teased him when he was thrown in the pit.

Look at how they treated Joseph…

Satan wants your vestment of rightousness, your robe, your coat of many colors, your sign and seal that you are special and loved greatly.
He wants to stifle your dream.

He wants to kill you or at the least through you in a pit and

Sell you to be a slave.

By the way;  Not every pit is your fault.

Not every pit is a reflection on some inheriant bad within you.

Some pits are a sign that God has a dream for you and Satan doesn’t like that.

The pit is to sober you, turning you into a sad sack.  A victim.  A worry wart.  An             anxious one.

Shut you up.

Shut up the dreamer.

Silence the dreamer.

Get rid of the dreamer.

5.  Sometimes your closest brothers will hate the dream and the dreamer.

Like those right in the church.

But there are genuine ones who will appreciate the dream.

It’s interesting that Joseph had to take his dream to the marketplace.

There are wise ones who will value a dreamer.

There are some who won’t be jealous.

They’ll be stunned.

They’ll be blessed.

Isn’t it interesting that the brothers didn’t know what to do with a dreamer?

Why are dreams often welcomed in the market place?

Because that’s where God wants you flourishing.

That’s where he wants to show off his glory through you.

His dreams couldn’t be fulfilled by staying around the house, hanging with the family allthe time….yet when fulfilled they blessed and benefited the family.

His dreams could only be used in the market place.

So when they pushed him out they pushed him right into his destiny.

Maybe that alone should give you the freedom to dream for the marketplace.

You have been pushed right into destiny.

And your seasonal challenge in your mountain is part of your fulfillment.

Why have we been taught that dreaming in and for the market place is impure and against what God would have for us.

Do you see the contradiction to the Kingdom?

We’ve been taught to long that the only valuable thing to do in life is to share your faith about Jesus.

What about living with so much glory, wisdom and credibility that they have to know about your God?

In closing:

Non dreamers are marking time, but not advancing time.

Non dreamers are like dead men walking.

…Disconnected from the mind of God for improvement, disconnected from the client, the company, the future and the prosperity ordained by God.

1.  Long for dreams about your current situation.

2.  See how you current situation plays a huge part in the destiny dream over your life.

3.  See how if you re faithful in the seasonal place you now find yourself in, you will be advancing in the destiny dream over your life.

4.  Make time for intellectual and imagination.  Seek the Lord, call upon Him.   Two kinds of dreaming.  I get fuel everyday in prayer.

I want you to increase in your influence in the marketplace.

I want you to revive dreaming over your marketplace passion, vocation, calling.

If you’ve stopped dreaming and you are ready to begin again..

If you will seek the lord for a revival of this realm..

Commit 30 minutes a day to seeking to hear and imagine…image with God.  Keep a journal handy, prepare with worship, call to the Lord and see what happens.