Sharpening your edge in the Marketplace

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1.  In Josephs day God ministered through dreams to those set apart for a great purpose, then he listed many of these stories for us to see, giving us the example, so we could see what has become the norm.

OT = just a few and usually during sleep

NT = All who are baptized in the Holy Spirit and during sleep or day.

Dreams are the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.

Dreams, like prophecy, are the testimony of Jesus about a problem,  w/  a solution.

The Holy spirit wants to bring to you much more than spiritual revelation.

Dreams of creativity and potential and possibility in every realm come from God.

We have the idea that God only communicates about spiritual things, but it’s not true.

God is omnipotent:

That is God is all powerful.

Potent is the root for where we get potential.

All power

Within Him is the potential for all things created and yet to be created.

Dreams are the substance of potential:  things yet to be created

2.  Two kids of dreams:

  1. Dreams of personal destiny
  2. Dreams of seasonal solutions for your current season
  3. Then there is the grace to interpret dreams

Within seasonal solutions, there are two realms

Distinct Intervention;  metaphor  or clear communication

Inspired imagination;  spiritual leading, ideas and insights

As we read about Joseph he was a man given to dreams.

He was called the dreamer.

We see the phrase “for God was with him”

Thi sis not just a sovereign magic where in God just made everything go well, regardless of mistakes.

No, this is graden talk.

God was with him speaks of the kinds of relationship Adam had.

God was with Him.

3.  Your personal dream has a place in your current environment.

Don’t export your self prematurely out of the cocoon you are now in.

And don’t be afraid to dream in your season, solutions.

You need the testimony that God is with you.

You need to sharpen this realm.

You need the witness of dreams for the company.

You need creativity flowing.

You need to bring to the owner new ideas and solutions.

You need to concern yourself with the profitability of your company.

What if you are meant to inherit it.

You heard the story of the construction supervisor?