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Pressure/ Heat/ adversity….creates an environment where you are tested and tempted …

You, your seals, your gaskets,

Your vulnerabilities, your weaknesses,

Your thinking and perspectives.

Pressure is usually measured in PSI or some terminology that helps us understand the quantity.

The higher the pressure, the more excellent things have to be built in order to last.

Watches to a certain depth have water proof qualities.

Our new camera to a certain depth has a water resistant quality.

The oil rig and it’s pipes couldn’t not stand up under the 1400 psi

When pressure increases, what was just a small issue, a moderately good seal, a moderately good defense (15 lb.) defense can’t hold, can’t suffice.

We end up having a blowout.

Blowouts can happen where there is a weakness.

Weakness where we might have thought we were ok., we were under control, we were strong, we

Things were acceptable, not a problem….and seemingly it wasn’t until we came under too much pressure.


Remember a blow-out is the giving out where there is a weak spot.

The giving out where there is a weakness or vulnerability.  It could give way to some of the following…






What’s the use

Fear and fears


Listening to evil reports and poison


Entertaining of despair

Embrace some sin for a season

Retreat on your dreams

High levels of pressure will find the weakness, if there is one, and bring forth a failure.

Not a failure due to pressure, but due to a weakness.

Take the BP oil spill and the enormous consequences of this terrible problem in the Gulf of Mexico.

Now we have need of clean up and repaired, reinforced, fortified.

This is the way it is with us in real life.  When we fail due to pressure on a vulnerability, we end up needing clean up and repair.


Have you slipped?

Have you let the pressure get to you?

Have you doubted?

Have you sinned?

I have, I’ve let pressure get to me.  I have and I’ve repented.

Repentance is a doctrine I love and have come to live.

I’m so glad for the pure doctrines of the Word.

Forgiveness is a pure doctrine.

Repentance is a pure doctrine, and I love it.


By repent, you first admit you’ve done something wrong…

Something displeasing to Father

Something that grieves the Holy Spirit

Something that is a contradiction to who you are in the “new creation”.

We have to admit, because under pressure we all have a tendency to blame the pressure, or the cause of the pressure.

Even though the pressure was great, more than we could        bear blaming the pressure won’t fix the blowout,

…won’t stop the judgment against me (spill)

…won’t get the power of God flowing in my life and             only the            power of god can mend me and fortified me.

After I admit my sin to God, I forsake what I’ve been doing.

I loathe it, I turn from it, I completely change my        mind about it.

I change my thoughts, my emotions, my imagination, my         reasoning.


Change of mind

Discipline of the being

Turning toward God

Turning 180 degrees

Turning away from wrong

Repentance is true heart felt Change that starts in the heart and is manifested in my discipline.

Change toward God

Toward faith

Toward righteousness,

Toward forgiveness

Toward Love,

Self control


If I don’t completely repent, in the heart and mind and behavior, I won’t get the power of God working in me and with me to get repaired and fortified.

Mercy and grace only flow where there is true repentance.  This could be one reason why so many believers are      repeating the same sins over and over again.

Never conquering their weak spots, their vulnerabilities

Because God is not under obligation to help you just cause you ask for forgiveness.

You have to repent, for Gods help to show up and fortify you and redeem you, clean up your oil spill.

Repentance is the step for mercy

No mercy can flow until we repent.

No grace can flow until we have come under mercy.

Look at Nineveh in Jonah chapter 3


I want invite to rekindle and embrace this ancient doctrine of the church.

I want to encourage you to be totally honest with God…

Totally honest with the Word of God, To forsake any attitude or behavior that’s contrary to him

This is not meant to condemn, but to give you hope.

You can change, you can be fortified.

You can strengthen areas of weakness.

You can withstand more pressure without collapse.

And it starts with repentance!