Promises are a bulwark against darkness

Pastor Dwain Faith

The promises of God toward us flow out of God’s grace and glory, and are meant to be “fuel to faith” and be  “released by faith …”

 They are meant to be a bulwark:

            A bulwark against the curse (things tangible)

            Tangible circumstances say you can’t have a baby, but Abraham had a promise

            Tangible circumstances say you are too old for a new vocation, but Abe had a promise.

            Tangible circumstances say you are too old to be raising a so, but Abe had a promise.

A bulwark against Satan (things spiritual)

Demonic influence shows up with wherever tangible circumstances have been negative in their nature.   Circumstances that contradict your identity in God, your inheritance in God and your purpose in God.

These spirits are given an opportunity to minister to your mind and emotions through the negative tangible circumstances.   (In other words you would not have listened until calamity,  chaos, disorder or disesase came.)

A bulwark against hopelessness, doubt, fear (things mental and emotional)

If you begin to fear the negative, worry over the negative, picture the negative then the demonic influence and voices have begun to win.

If your mind can become conditioned toward more negative circumstances, you will begin to expect more…

Now you are giving nutrition to the evil seed planted there by demonic voices.  

If you can’t control your mind and your emotions against defeat, failure and the expectation of negative then Satan has disabled you and a negative future will be set in motion.

If Satan can get you to expect more of the same your future will move in that destructive direction.

Words are seeds. 

All Seed will tend to bear fruit after their own nature or likeness, unless they are spit out or arrested.

In all the fruit you eat, whether you chose to eat or not, there is seed, seed unto life or seed unto death.

Genesis 1:11 “ …who’s seed is itself”

                        In failure there is the seed for more failure, will you allow it to grow?

                        In loss there is seed for more loss, will you allow it to grow?

                        In pain there is the seed for more pain, will you allow it to grow?

                        In bankruptcy…

                        In termination…

                        In divorce…

                        In abuse…

You must eat the seed of the promises of God, but be quick to spit out the seeds of failure, defeat, destruction and disease.