Praying wrong or Praying right?

Pastor Dwain Fasting

Faith means we are constantly speaking the hope, vision, dream or picture of the WORD of God over our current situations and realities.

 2 Cor. 4:17 “…not moved by what we see” means

…not depressed by what we see, not discouraged by what we see, not giving up because of what we see.

 One reason your speech is so important is because your whole body follows your tongue.

 You uphold all things by the power of your word.

 To walk by the Word, to create by the Word, to have the word results we have to get a;

  1. Picture of our calling, significance, salvation and inheritance.
  2. Meditate that image or super impose that image over the top of everything in life
  3. Confess, speak, declare that transformed, reformed, restored, Eden image constantly and over every circumstance in life.
  4. Wait patiently steadfastly diligently for the negative to develop into the picture.

 Walking by faith is walking by the Word.  It demands we have single vision, single focus, looking steadfastly at Jesus and who we’ve been made “in Him”.

 Do we pray wrong? 

Are we asking for success, and things when we should be asking for knowledge, wisdom and know-how.

Are not all things already credited to our account in Christ Jesus?

Are we begging God, entreating God to give us things that we already possess… by the Word, by a divine promise?  Thus we need to thank Him for them and lay claim to them.  “By faith I receive my ______.”

When we ask are we asking Him to release something into our account, or put something in our account that is not now there?  

Could this be the definition vain repetition? 

 When I’ve given something to my children the right response is for them to; 1.  Receive it and 2.  Thank me for it.  3.  Begin to walk as if they have it.

 If we don’t see, trust and fully believe in our inheritance, new nature and anointed identity and power, we will ask in unbelief, we will ask begging and without worthiness.   All of this will result in disappointment and failure.