Praying for the Family Man

Pastor Dwain Uncategorized

Generally speaking we come to Christ with rejection and inferiority weighing heavy on us, thus we primarily need the “mothering” aspect of God. We crave the nurturing, wooing, hugging, tender, affirming side of God. We need nursed with warm milk and our diaper changed. This is good and normal in the beginning of our Christian walk, but it’s not normal to complete our maturity.

Maturity requires that we embrace or receive the “fathering” aspect of God as well. Many in church and the world have rejected the “father”, the “masculine”…specifically the discipline-chastening-reproof and correction side of God.

In accordance with this, a move in society has sought to feminize men and call chastening abuse. Nowadays some only want men who are tender, gentle, quiet, non-assertive and non-confrontive.

We have to be cautious that we don’t allow this to be a rejecting of masculinity and a rejection of the corrective aspect of Father. This rejection of masculinity is affecting men in the faith community even at subconscious levels. We need the men of God to be strong and courageous, risk takers and true leaders and able to bring correction to their family and their culture.

Pray for men to once again embrace their true masculinity.
Pray for healthy masculinity to be welcomed in the church.