Pastor Dwain Fasting

Government is one of the seven mountains of culture.  For this mountain we pray…

Lord we declare you restoring godliness in government.  We declare the government established on the shoulders of Jesus. 

Where godlessness has infiltrated our law and government, we declare this reversed. 

Restore the righteous to the places of government. 

Brood over, hover over your Church and once again call us into serving in all branches of government and law.

Let there be a tangible anointing released that calls and establishes the now generation, leading them into every level of governmental service. 

We call the governmental believer esteemed in the Church, blessed and given dignity.

Bless and establish apostolic leaders who cover and coach those who are called to government and law.

Come and restore the schools of government and law across our nation.  We call you free and welcomed to invade our Universities.

In the places of higher learning where instructors are teaching principles of government and law that contradicts the Word of God, we declare…

  1.  The eyes of the students opened the truth, you witnessing to the truth, you releasing discernment in the classroom.
  2. The professors convicted of their errors, being weighed in your balance, led to repentance, removed if unwilling to turn to your truth.


Father we say you have permission to restore our care for the earth, our care for government.  Come and reengage us in culture and society.

 Restore serving in the local church, and in the hearts of every believer.  Not just serving as it pertains to the needs of the body of Christ, but serving in society for it’s preservation and salvation.