Prayer For Summer Event / June 6,7,8

Pastor Dwain Event, Prayer


Pray for Mario’s clarity and a prophetic grace to be upon him for the breaking of strongholds in our territory.

Pray for his family

Ask for the nations (ethnos) Ps. 2:8
…of African descent
…of Mexican descent
…of Russian descent
…of every nation

Ask for the gang members

Ask for the addicts
…name every illicit drug and call people released
…call this region released

Ask for the teachers
…science and evolution
…sex education and humanism

Ask for the school administrators of our region

Ask for the leaders and influencers of our region
…business owners
…city council
…city staff
…lawyers and bankers

Ask for pastors who can be untied and lifted

Declare Fife under the sway and dominion of Jesus

Declare that God is creating a demand for the ministry that we provide

Declare a great appeal in the spirit realm winning and wooing people to the Lord

Ask for your relatives by name
…even coming from long distance