Pastor Dwain Prayer

Church wide prayer imperatives:

Let’s be asking God for worship leaders to be raised up in our midst, who share our DNA.

Ask Father for Him to gather of athletes, musicians, youth and young adults ,government leaders and workers , teachers, school board members, those from banking and finance, etc 

At the same time pray for our body members to be given a greater grace to reach people from every sphere of life.

We are to pastor this city.  Ask for a greater love and compassion to be woven within us for the needs of Fife.  We must love this city.

Ask Father for influence through the Leadercast business event with John C. Maxwell.  May 6th 

Ask Him for a deepening grace at our altars.

Ask for a blessing on those who step forward in caring for the needs of our facility and grounds.

Pray for the nations (races) to continue to be gathered here and loved deeply.  Keep asking for Father to heal our hearts so we can love effectively.