Powerful Words Win

Pastor Dwain Prayer

I’m encouraging you to examine the Word of God and see if you’ve not been called to break out of dead religion? Decide now to become a successful prayer warrior, then you’ll be on your way to winning like never before. Winning with your words in the spirit realm.

Words are one of the few things that make us like God, or God like. You’ll notice the animals do not have the power of words. Why and what are words.

1. Words are spiritual seeds/ All words produce in like kind/ without a basis in the spiritual realm things can’t exist…this is why speaking out loud, praying out loud, declaring the word, is so important.

2. Spirit is the foundation/ basis / of all life. Everything in the natural realm has a basis or foundation in the spirit realm.

3. Words are what everything is made of…Words are the atom/ molecular structure of all things