Pastor Dwain Prayer

Only for the Disciplined!


Intercession is an element, a dimension of prayer.   Prayer, as a role of the Christian life, fits within the paradoxes of the Bible…It’s hard work, it takes discipline, but at the same time it’s also delightful, amazing and extremely rewarding.  To get to the reward you have to conquer the mountain that stands in your way.  But what a great pay off!


Since it is so powerful we have to understand that Satan will (as will the curse in the earth) oppose you when it comes to this activity.   He knows how powerful you are in Christ and that you have authority in the earth, that when expressed in prayer, will bring heaven on earth.


Thus we too have to be alert, since under the pressure the resistance, may never get around to powerful intercessory prayer.  You have to see it’s importance and discipline yourself for the purpose of spiritual warfare and spiritual victories.


Here are some things I’ve learned that help me in the realm of discipline concerning prayer.


1.  To be productive I need a special Selah time, a time of prayer.  In the Old Testament they had scheduled times of prayer.  I find that I too am most productive in prayer when I have a scheduled time.  Productivity is an important element of prayer.  I am created in Christ to produce good fruit and that begins in the spirit realm with prayer (seeing well, hearing well, prophesying well).


2.  I have to schedule my life around prayer, not schedule prayer around my life.  If I leave prayer to the last thing to do, the last thing on my agenda for the day, it’s too late.  I can’t let my Selah time, the Daddy time be shoved around and overlooked.  If I do there will often be something that gets in the way…

  • I’ll be too tired.
  • I’ll need to rest.
  • I won’t feel like it.
  • The kids will need me.
  • A family will drop by to visit.
  • My wife will have scheduled something.
  • A church family will have a need.
  • The lawn mower will break down.
  • An auto will need attention
  • Etc.

I like to get up early and make prayer (productive sanctified prayer) the first thing of each day.  I like to meet with Daddy before the phone starts ringing, the facebook notifications and before the pressures of life.


This early schedule also demands I get to bed at a good time since my time with Daddy is my #1 priority (Monday through Friday am, Saturday pm).


Prayer must take a new and fresh priority during the best of our day.  Jesus the great intercessor got up each day while it was still dark…how can we do less and call ourselves disciples.

I dare you to grab your life, grab your schedule and order it around a time with Father and see if you don’t enter into a new dimension of life and delight!  Do it for 30 days and get a new pattern of living set.