Mountain Moving Review

Pastor Dwain Faith, Uncategorized

We’re in week two of a three part series on Mountain Moving Faith.  Next week we finish by discussing how this principle works in prayer.   Bring a friend to the 9 or 11 am and send the blog to someone who needs a breakthrough in their life.

As a review from what we’ve learned on our first Sunday…

1.  Mountains are comparable to Major areas in your life; or major areas in the concern of God.

2.  The faith element and the tangible element must be combined for victory in the major areas of your life.

3.  Mountain moving Faith is the result of God’s word, or God’s will.

You must have a complete confidence that what you desire is God’s will

4.  A Word from God (knowing God’s will ) doesn’t mean that the answer, result, solution or breakthrough will be easy.  If it were easy you wouldn’t have needed a word from God.

5.  Mountains don’t necessarily move fast.  They are a result of long lasting faith… enduring faith, persevering faith, faith that keeps working until the fulfillment of the Word or dream.

Look at Josephs time frame

Look at Abraham’s time frame

Look at Noah’s time frame

6.  Faith (God’s will) comes to us in the midst of prayer, petition, worship, scripture reading, teaching and preaching and prophecy