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Several articles on prospecting from a Realtor’s stand point carry with them good wisdom for us with application to winning souls.  He who is wise wins souls.  Read these wise insights and make an application to our mission of reaching and restoring people.

  • Networking no-no’s
  • Don’t give out your business card right away. Some practitioners hand out their card before the people they’re meeting even introduce themselves.
  • Don’t feel you have to meet everyone at an event. Shoot for five or six interactions at a typical two hour event, which will allow more time to build lasting connections.
  • Don’t be inclined to attend every networking event. Aim for four per month, which could help you meet about 20 new people each month. That’ll keep your network to a manageable number, so you won’t feel overwhelmed about following up.
  • Don’t expect results right away. You’re not likely to make a best friend and obtain immediate new business by attending a two-hour networking event. Relationships require nurturing. Follow up with the people you meet, such as inviting them to coffee.

    Source:Brian Hilliard, Agito Consulting (, Atlanta