Mining the Gold of the Promises

Pastor Dwain Faith

The bible is like a mountain laced with Gold. 

You can still stake a mining claim in 19 states and on federal land today.  Some go out in the mountains and scout for Gold.

Everyone has a different view of a mountain, most don’t see Gold.

Some just see the mountain, some the big rocks, some the dangerous cliffs, others see the Gold. 

God has hidden the Gold.  You have to be hungry.  You have to have a heart for Him.  He doesn’t show the gold to everyone.  Not the legalist.  Not the proud. 

Satan doesn’t want you to see the Gold.  He wants you to see how hard it is to climb, how steep it is, how impossible it is to please God, how fearful the mountain is. 

How you don’t compare to the mountain or measure up.

God wants you to find the Gold.  He has hidden Gold in the Word of God…  That, if you find it you will find life and provision. 

The promises of God are the Gold. 

The promises to Abraham, David, to the righteous, to the faithful, to the Sons of God and finally to Jesus, since all the promises were fulfilled in Jesus and he was the ultimate.

When the promises were made to Abraham they were made to his seed.  Not seeds being many, but in that prophecy, meaning to Jesus.

Now that you are “in Jesus” your life hidden “in Christ” all the promises belong to you and are there for the claiming.

You only have to stake a claim by faith (believing and putting all your trust in God’s reliability to perform).

The promises are Gods way of loving you perfectly… something He does before you are perfect.  So that you will trust Him more and more and walk with Him as a friend. 

Romans 5:7 Very rarely will anyone die for a righteous person, though for a good person someone might possibly dare to die. 8 But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

Now these promises are there for you hidden in the Book, like Gold hidden in the mountain until you find them believe. 

They even have your name on them and He knows exactly how they will be released in your life…they lay there hidden until you believe.

Not during rebellion, or unbelief can you be given the tangibility of the promises…Sin is less of a problem than rebellion, distrust or unbelief. 

It’s when you find these promises and believe, then these promises that are yours are released.

 You can’t stake a claim in rebellion, or distrust or unbelief.  You stake a claim by faith, while yet imperfect. 

Faith causes God’s kind intention to begin to be released so that which is promised becomes tangible. 

Doubt, fear and unbelief keeps the Gold hidden. 

You can’t see it when you are in that state of mind. 

Neither can perfection release it.  Trying to get God’s promises to be released to your account through perfection won’t work.  You simply have to believe that it is by grace.  Believe in What Jesus has done for you.  Believe you are an heir with Him by grace. 

Satan is trying to hide from you God’s good intention, God’s plan.  God’s Gold.  So that you won’t trust Him.  If you dare trust Him all these promises will be released into your life.