Killing revival

Pastor Dwain Fasting

Quenching the Spirit is probably responsible for the end of more revivals than any other single cause.   Even those who have embraced the move of God often come to a place where their comfort zone is stretched about as far as they’re willing to go.  They then begin to look for place to settle a place of understanding and control. 

The second greatest reason for a revivals end is when the church begins look for the return of the Lord instead of pursuing a greater breakthrough in the Great Commission.   That kind of hunger for heaven is not encouraged in the scripture.  It turns the blessed hope  into the blessed escape.   To want Jesus to come back now is to sentence billions of people to hell forever.  It’s not that we shouldn’t long for heaven. Paul said that that longing was to be a comfort to the Christian.   But to seek for the end of all things is to pronounce judgment on all mankind outside of Christ.   Is Jesus, the one who  paid for all sin eager to return without the final great harvest, I think not.   

Excerpt from When Heaven Invades Earth, pagess 237, 238;  Bill Johnson;  Treasure House publishing