Intercession; not for the weak

Pastor Dwain Prayer


Intercession:  1793. entugchano, en-toong-khan’-o; from G1722 and G5177; to chance upon, i.e. (by impl.) confer with; by extens. to entreat (in favor or against):–deal with, make intercession.


God is calling us to intercession…to be intercessors.  A role, and a call we have only embraced on occasion.   This is a now word from God.  The men of Issachar knew the season and they knew what to do.  Let us be so wise in the Spirit of God.  This is not a time to proclaim “peace and prosperity”, but a time for war.  Peoples’ lives hang in the balance like no time recently.  What might keep us from answering the call of God for this season.

God recently spoke to me in a correction and said, “If you don’t have time to pray, if we don’t have time to intercede for hurting people by name, then we are too entangled and encumbered.”

God has again challenged me to increase my prayer for people, even as Job was called, when he prayed for his three friends.

We are often encumbered with busyness, cares, worries, concerns.   These generally and all too often pertain to self.

  • Too much running.
  • Too many projects
  • Too many good ideas
  • Too many good intentions
  • Too many different directions.
  • Too much energy put into areas of weakness.
  • Too many meetings and activities.
  • Don’t know when enough is enough
  • Don’t know when to say no.
  • Don’t know when to stop.

The thing that gets skipped and shorted and missed is the spiritual, the prayer, specificly the intercession for others.

In the parable of the sewer, Jesus said if you understand the Word and you get the Word planted in your heart, you can still go along and not bring any real fruit to maturity.  It is a long standing fact that 99% of all Christians will never lead anyone to Christ.  Never bear fruit.  Yet, God has said He wants you to bear fruit.

How can you  bear no fruit?  Jesus shows how in listing three things in the parable of the sewer.

  • Three things that will keep you from interceding.
  • Three things will rob your energy.
  • Three things will steal your focus.
  •  Three things will keep your prayers shallow.
  • Three things will keep you distracted.


Luke 8:14  “And the seed which fell among the thorns, these are the ones who have heard, and as they go on their way they are choked with worries and riches and pleasures of this life, and bring no fruit to maturity.