Imbalance causes trouble

Pastor Dwain Prayer

We live in this world, but we are not of it.  We are citizens of heaven and derive our supply, our commands, our strength from that world.  If we don’t live from above we can get entrapped in the worlds system and fall  prey to an unfruitful life.

Luke 8:14  “And the seed which fell among the thorns, these are the ones who have heard, and as they go on their way they are choked with worries and riches and pleasures of this life, and bring no fruit to maturity.


Anxiety, Fear, Cares, Worries ——we feed these things instead of metering them.  We become gluttons, feeding these things and wasting precious Kingdom time.  How do we feed these things.

  • Television
  • News
  • Newspapers
  • Radio
  • Talk Radio
  • Magazines



Riches; specificly thedeceitfulness of riches.  This is chasing after riches for joy and satisfaction.  How do we feed this:

  • Material we read, watch and meditate as it might elevate the joys of the worldly rich.   God spoke to me and said, “From now on read about the righteous who are being rewarded, not the ungodly.”
  • Cheating on the sale of goods, withholding truth to increase.
  • Idolizing the rich .
  • Learning how to prosper from the world.
  • Gauging our faith on the stock market and the economy of Eygpt.
  • Striving to make money.
  • Putting our trust in wealth.
  • Chasing riches instead of God.    (Solomon was blessed because he wanted to bless others.)
  • Worry, anxiety and fear about money/ specifically not having any.  This will cause you to act out of the flesh and to strive.  Worry is fear in meditation mode.  This will cause you to strive in the flesh.


Pleasure ; a focus on pleasure will snuff out the Word.   How do we feed the focus on pleasure.  We are in a pleasure conscious world.  Pleasure is one of the gods of this world.

  • Magazines
  • Boat shows
  • Sports  and sports arenas
  • Sports on TV
  • Movies
  • Eating out
  • Hunting
  • Fishing
  • Camping


Recognize your flesh man and the devil want you to over endulge in these things.   BUT;

  • We re called to be lights in a dark world.
  • We are called to be ambassadors to a dark world.
  • We are aliens, strangers, and ambassadors; because our source is not of this world.
  • We are called to be a blessing.
  • We derive our wisdom from heaven, our thoughts from heaven, our behavior from heaven, our economy from heaven.
  • We belong to a different Kingdom, but we allow ourselves to become enmeshed with this kingdom of darkness .


God is calling us to come out from entanglement with the things of this world and this world system.  Come out from our enmeshment with the world, our over enjoyment with the things of the world.   Often we are not interceding because we are encumbered with the world.


We must govern our touch with the worlds system and the things of the flesh.   If we are not careful the cares of this world will grow up and keep us from meeting this call to bear fruit.  There are legal and pure and righteous ways for us to meet the needs of the flesh without defiling the flesh and gratifying it and submitting to it.