How to cut your bills in half

Pastor Dwain Faith

How many times have you looked at your bills and wished half of them would go away?

Could you imagine such a major shift in your finances?  You would certainly have some relief.  Wow!

I know the feeling and especially during the summer around here where I see all the bills coming in.

How wonderful it would be if our bills were cut in half, just during the summer!

I’m looking for a wand I could wave over our NHCC bills.  Lol.  No, we just keep using our faith and calling on you to partner with us in this awesome thing we call church.

This thing called church fed and ministered to over 300 community people at the “back to school” event, an event that would not have occurred without our witness in this community.

This thing called church ministered to 82 young people and parents at the UC Live youth event, an event that would not have taken place without your support of New Horizon.

This thing called church healed, strengthened and restored the hearts of many young people at summer camps during August.  Young people who would not have been touch without the support of New Horizon.

Honestly, we need your help doing this thing called church.  Our bills have been as large and our attendance lighter than usual.

Could you send in an extra gift today?   A love offering?

Or could you go to our online giving and send us a financial message that you are with us?

If it applies, will you consider making up any back tithe from these summer months?  We could really use your faithful commit right now.


Pastor Dwain