Pastor Dwain Faith

Vision, death of vision, rebirth of vision is a reoccurring theme woven throughout scriptures.

-A reoccurring theme as God brings the biblical characters into a place of usefulness.

I’ve come to understand this as a type of what we in the World might call a “mid-life crisis”.

All of us have to face a type of Mid-life crisis.

As I’ve come to understand Mid-life, a Mid-life crisis is:

-Coming to grips with our personal inability.

-Coming to grips with our limitation.

-Coming to grips with our weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

It’s more normal that we thought to realize that you are being oppressed and opposed in the fulfilling of your dreams.

It’s more normal than you think to have enemies and problems and curses too big for you and the dream in our heart.

It’s normal to discover that your dreams will never be fulfilled on our own or through our strength.

I’m convinced now that a Mid Life crisis is good !

It’s only through coming to grips with our weaknesses that we can make room for Him to be strong on our behalf.

-It’s very painful, but normal.

-It’s meant to be a period where we have the opportunity to embrace humblity and take on the strength of the Lord.

-It’s in a personal crisis, a valley of death we have a new and fresh opportunity to cry out to God.

Without a God perspective what do people do when they come to grips with the gravity of their personal disappointment?  Many times they make radical changes out of hopelessness, restlessness and disappointment.

-Change of jobs

-Change of spouse

-Change of church

-Change of location

-Change of behavior or habits

Much of the changes that are made are a groping for satisfaction and a striving for self-fulfillment.

How should we react or respond in life when all comes to this point, embrace the death and prepare for resurrection!

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