Pastor Dwain Fasting

As I outline in our Daniel Fast book there are three areas we want to target in our daily prayer.  If you don’t have your 21 guide, grab one this weekend at the weekend service (or at the movie this Friday).

Our Personal life.

Our church.

Our Culture or society at large.

Please spend time in prayer and meditation over each of these three areas each day. 

As it pertains to your personal life I have a page that outlines the Spokes of Purpose.  This is a great time to evaluate your life; your spokes and your path of improvement.   

 Joel and I are seeking the Lord for wisdom from above with the advent of this brand new year.  .   We’re looking at our strengths and our weaknesses (non-strengths) so we can make course adjustments as needed. 

Take the time to pray over each spoke during these 21 days, writing down the insights that come as you focus on improvements and goals for the future.

Let’s grow on Purpose