Pastor Dwain Faith

Just like He did with Jesus, God will back up the things that you demand in the spirit realm.  Imagine yourself working for a contractor.  For several years I worked for a mid-sized construction firm.  Each morning I would come to the office where the owner would be ready for the day.  Everyday he would give me instructions for the work to be performed.  I would leave that office and act on his behalf based on the word of his instruction.


You also have been given delegated authority by your Father to make sure something goes the way He wants it and the only way it will go that way is if you use the authority He’s given you.  In this case you are commanding….ordering….demanding…. that something be done in a certain order.


John 15:7  If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.  “By this My Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit; so you will be My disciples…”


So we see that through abiding in the Word of God we can understand and discern the will of God, then we can require that it comes into the earth realm.  Sometimes interceding and sometimes commanding.  I’m going to petition God to show His favor and mercy to the unbelievers in my City, then I’m going to cast out demons and spirits who hinder righteousness.


Now you might be living the fairly good life and enjoying the blessing of God to a good degree, because you’ve been born again and you’ve been forgiven and you are on your way to heaven, but I want to ask you…

  • Is that all there is to it?
  • Is that all that God saved you for?
  • Are you seeing the same level of influence and the same works that Jesus saw?
  • I’m asking have you come out of bondage just to settle for mediocrity?
  • Is it enough that you maintain a fairly decent life and make it through to heaven?


Isn’t there a land of dominion a land of promise?


Isn’t there a place of Glory in God where you begin to rule in life as Christ?


I’m asking you, have you settled for Good instead of the Best?  If you want the best you have to begin to act like the delegated authority that you are in the earth.


The Lord convicted me with Ezekiel 47.  He said that I had was so excited about being waist deep in the things of God, that I had stopped growing and trusting Him.  I had become content and proud.  I was proud because I wasn’t ankle deep like I used to be.  I was content, because I was a experiencing a measure of the spirit, a measure beyond where I had previously been.

  • As it pertains to your mind, you can know what the will of God is.
  • As it pertains to sickness and health, you can know what the will of God is.


  • As it pertains to your family, you can know what the will of God is.


  • As it pertains to your city and community, you can know what the will of God is.


  • As it pertains to your church, you can know what the will of God is.