Pastor Dwain Fasting

Greetings wonderful team!
Friday night will be a great time together.  Don’t miss out.  Come join us for the movie and bring a soup, stew, or snack you’ve discovered for the Daniel Fast.  Bring the receipe as well so we can make it too.  We welcome all your creative ideas.  Older children welcomed to come watch the movie.    The trailer we showed seemed a little weak, but the movie is great.  Younger children coming?  Let me know by today and we can arrange childcare.

DVD Homepage: Purchase DVD:… PLOT: In his first film, Finger of God, Darren Wilson traveled the world chasing the miraculous. This time, he’s chasing love. In an attempt to put God’s love to the test, he travels to some of the worst places on earth to put the Love of God to the test against the darkest evil.  Come see how God’s love is prevailing against darkness.