Effective Prayer

Pastor Dwain Prayer

Pray for apartment complexes and managers; that we reach them, that ministers are raised up to each and in each.
Monte Claire
Tutor House
Chateau Rainier
Rainier View
Point East
The Park
The Lakes
Bella Sonoma
Wapato Point

Pray for those who live in housing developments:
Circle Dr.
David Court
Wapato Estates
Saddle Creek
Fife Heights
North Hill

Pray for those who work in the business community:
Business owners
Those who drive Valley
Business managers
Those who work in Fife

Pray for the School district, teachers and staff;
That we gain influence and credibility
That staff begin to join us
That they are drawn to our fellowship
That we find ways to serve them

Pray for City Government staff:
That we find ways to serve them
That we have increasing favor
That members begin to join us.