Confronting resistence!

Pastor Dwain Fasting

Our promises must be fought for.  We do have to drive the enemy out of our territory and off of our stuff.

 The promise land was a type of the promises available for us in Christ. 

 We are told to Submit to God and Resist the Devil.   Then he will flee.  James 4:7

 We are told to “Cast out demons”.

We are told to “Bind up strong men”.

 We are told to change something we have to destroy the evil that now controls it. 

Mark 11:22-24           

 Jeremiah 1:8-12

 Plucking and Planting is the formula by the leading of the spirit and the truth of the Word.

Take a topic:  Money and prosperity

             Identify the things that are hindrances to your prosperity.

             Identify if the hindrances are in you or in the spirit realm or in someone.

             Address these hindrances with a specific confrontive rebuke.

             Custom make a rebuke that pertains to every new situation.  You are in charge under God, so be in charge.  Matthew 16:19  18:18

            “Contention get off of my Job and my work place.”

            “Skemes against me cease.”

            “Withholding ceases.”

            “Disfavor against me cease.”

            “Malice, Mockery, Contempt against me flee.”

            Lies and false accusations crumble.

            Withholding of promotion and increase I cast you off of my increase.

            Selfishness and hoarding get off of my employer.

            Spirit of poverty get off of me.

            Despair, discouragement, discontentment go out of me and out of my life.

            Laziness, sluggard mind set get off of me.

            Doubt and unbelief get off of me.

            Spirit of Slavery flee from me.

            Insecurity and fear get off of me.