Pastor Dwain Fasting

The case known as Roe Verses Wade was decided on January 22, 1973.  That case opened the door for protected abortion in the US. 

Since that date some 50 million children have been aborted.  This is a blight on America that we pray is overturned.

Our prayer is that God restores a love for children within the Church and culture.

Our prayer is that God gives us and our future generations a hope for the future.

Our prayer is that we turn from selfishness.

Our prayer is that pregnancy is seen as a blessing, children a blessing, a responsibility well worth the investment.

Our prayer is for a shift within the hearts of American’s.  Through transformation there ceases to be a demand for what our leaders have wrongfully supplied.

Satan be cast out of our families, our marriages, our sexuality!

Our prayer is for believers to take in the orphans, take in the rejected, take in the foster children.  Open your homes and lives.  Demonstrate God’s love and lead the nation in reclaiming a passion for children. 

Romans 4…We call the things that are not as though they are and we give life to dead things.