Ascending Arts and Entertainment

Pastor Dwain Uncategorized

With each of the “mountains” of influence in culture we need to affirm how important it is that the righteous climb these mountains. It is a challenging assent to the top of these mountains and there are many obstacles.

Today we are praying over the mountain of Arts and Entertainment. This is one of the most significant mind molding mountains of culture, and it’s been invaded by darkness.

As with climbing any mountain it’s harder the further you go up the mountain. At the age of 18 many of my friends, with me included, decided we’d climb Mt. Hood. This was the majestic mountain just outside our windows in the Hood River Valley. We’d seen it from a distance, we’d admired it and skied on it, but it was something entirely different to climb. Our first assent was to a lonely cabin, not far from Timberline lodge, where we started our trek. This abandoned cabin was used as a base camp by many “would be” climbers. It took little in preparation, tools or education to arrive there, so there was not book to sign and no great celebration…we’d really just taken a steep 3 hour walk. We spent the night there and rose at 3:00am to begin the next phase of the climb, in the dark, on solid ice. To cut this story short; the next phase of the climb was very challenging, required climbing tools and was filled with danger. So it is with climbing the mountains of cultural influence. Those who are climbing need patience, perseverance, training, support, affirmation, prayer and love. For too long in the body of Christ we’ve only affirmed the “five fold ministers” listed in Ephesians 4:11. This is a new day of celebrating the achievements of our 7 mountain climbers. We need them for the purposes of God to come to full fruit in the earth. Pray for more climbers to emerge in the body of Christ, those who aspire to go beyond the safe cabin and reach to the peak of their God given influence.

Today we focus on Arts and Entertainment. Let’s celebrate all of those in our midst who are climbing that mountain…our musicians, our actors, our artists, our writers, our performers, etc.

We don’t want them just flourishing in the church, but competent and flourishing in their mountain on the worlds stage. We want them invading Arts and Entertainment with their best and ascending that peak, knowing it’s good, noble and that it pleases the Lord.

• Spend some time today praying for Christians who are talented in the Arts and Entertainment.
• Confront the unclean influences presiding over Arts and Entertainment in our culture.
• Declare this “mountain” submitted to the Lordship of Jesus.