Are you a first fruit person?

Pastor Dwain Uncategorized

God calls us to live on a “first fruits” principle. You’ll find this truth hidden within the law of the seed. A seed is the first of all fruit, smaller than the whole and can’t bring forth until it dies.

The tree in the garden was a first fruit type. “…you can have everything but this one, this one tree is holy…”

I think this is why we now worship on the first day of the week.

The tithe is to be the first of the flock, grain, womb or increase.

This type is hidden throughout the bible. Through this God is saying, you can sanctify the whole thing unto Him and receive His blessing on the whole when you sanctify a tithe, a first portion.

This is one reason why I think it’s so important that we start our day in prayer.

Prayer is the practical expression of a first fruit, the practical expression of trust, the practical manifestation of telling Father that we really trust Him. It’s where we tell Him we can’t live without Him, and depend upon Him for all daily bread, grace and wisdom.

Remember this fast is to rebuild the altar of prayer in your daily life. Sanctify a special closet, a corner, the garage, an office, the deck (in summer), a park where you walk…somewhere to pray.

When you pray a seed of you dies and is sown into the faith realm. So few Christians walk in victory because so few die each morning to their own “wisdom” and yield their lives to God, then under His coaching partner with Him for real fruit, fruit that remains.

Become a first fruit person today!