Pastor Dwain Faith

Much of every epistle was written to those who were born of the spirit with this exhortation as the target…that we would bring our soul into sanctification (a set apart place).  See Col. 3:1, see Romans 12:1,2, see I Thes. 5:23, see James 3:13-17, see Romans 8:6. 

The soul realm is where your wrestling is.  We usually simplify this concept and say the mind, but in the case we are using the word mind as synonymous with the word soul.   As we process life with our mind (according to our will, combined with our reasoning, made vivid by our imagination, animated by corresponding emotion) so we become in our behavior. 

 In James 1:19-21 James said to, “in humility receive the Word of God as implanted (ingrafted) which is able to save (redeem) your soul.”  (Paraphrase DW)  The Word of God is able to wash, cleanse, renew and redeem our soul. 

One of the primary realms where we struggle with negativity and thoughts that contradict the Christ life is in the realm of fear.  Satan loves afflict the believer with fear.  We must discern that fear is not of God, nor does it fall under a category we should accept or fall prey to. 

Pray and take some time today to evalutate what causes fear to afflict your heart.  What in your history?  What in your thoughts?  What in your present?  What self perspective?  Write these down and ask God to enlighten you today with courage and the tools to overcome all fears.