You can help the people of Japan

Pastor Dwain Uncategorized

We, as a church are in the initial phases of developing a deep tie with HRock Church and the Harvest International Ministry (HIM).  We have heard the Lord leading us toward this network since Dr. Ahn visited the church in January.

Dr. Che Ahn oversees 8000 churches through the HIM network.  We have through HIM a powerful effective and trustworthy way to touch Japan.  HIM has, at this time, three churches in Japan who are members of HIM.  Dr. Ahn is also scheduled to go to Japan in May to assess the situation and see how funding can be used.   HIM has a good track record of helping in times of disaster. When the Ache, Indonesia earthquake took place, HIM was able to send $10,000 right away to Indonesia because HIM has a trusted apostle, Paul Tan there.  

If you want to give toward efforts of reconstruction, efforts that will be used to bless Christian families, this would be a reliable way.  Please use an envelop and mark the envelop HIM or Japan and we will forward the money directly. 

Thank you for being such a passionate people for the Lord!