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Winning the Lost by Telling Them They’re Not

Pastor Dwain Scripture and Sexuality

It seems we think Father needs help in His mission.  We as church-growth experts have decided that Father is not winning the world and filling our churches fast enough, so we have come up with new ways to help Him.  We’re not sure why He is leaving us in such an embarrassing state, but in our wisdom we have solutions.

One method we’ve recently come up with is to tell sinners that they aren’t sinners at all.  And to add to this new ploy to win converts, we will not call sin “sin” anymore.  We’ll call it an expression, a perspective, a choice or a preference.  Is this what we have come to?  We are going to fill our churches!  Yahoo.  But what kind of believer will we have filled the church with?

Have we become so bent on church-growth and building our churches that we won’t tell the truth?  Are we willing to fill our churches with people who have a form of religion?  People who have not repented of sin?  People who are coming in to a family and fraternity, but not coming through the cross?  What is motivating this retreat from God’s word?

I fear that it is a combination of thoughts that at best seem dangerous.  One pervasive thought on the heels of 30 years of unconditional love teaching is the new grace teaching.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m in favor of unconditional love teaching, but it has taken to a ditch.  Many fail to mix this teaching with the importance of walking worthy of our calling.  Of course Father loves us and we need to learn more of that love, but do we please Him?  Do we walk worthy of our adoption? (Ephesians 4:1 vsf)

Now there are some teaching the grace message with imbalance as well.  The imbalanced grace teaching is encouraging many to throw out the law and anything that looks like the law.  They say since we aren’t “under the law” the law has become irrelevant, throwing out the whole of the Old Testament.  “It’s outdated, irrelevant and won’t work with today’s culture.”

Some not wanting to miss out on the new growth are bringing their flocks into to the “new revelation” of grace as well.  Certainly the righteousness of the believer is given because of faith in Jesus, but the promise provided to us through grace doesn’t invalidate the law nor cancel the essence of the law.  Paul says the law is holy and good (Romans 7).

We who believe are empowered to fulfill the law, having received the abundance of God’s grace.

Here is the problem.  If you call homosexuality good outside of the church, you can’t change your position when you walk into the church.  You will have to call it good inside the church.  You can no longer welcome deliverance for it.  You can no longer bring it up.  The new theology calls it equal.  Is it?