What’s considered worship?

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There are five offerings described in Leviticus, chapter 1-5.

The Burnt offering
The Meal offering
The Peace offering
The Sin offering
The Trespass offering

Sometimes these are referred to as the “sweet savor offerings”. In study I discovered that these offerings of worship in the tabernacle are actually really cool pictures of keys to our worship now as well. God loves it when we recognize we were as good as dead(burnt offering) and when we offer to him our skills and talents in service (meal offering) and when we make application of the blood of Jesus over our sins and trespasses (sin and trespass offering). Then we have peace with him and give him thanks. All of this communion is actually considered worship. Hebrews 9:1 Thought you’d like to know that a worship service is so much more than you might have thought. You are now free to roam around the cabin!