What is humility

Pastor Dwain Humility

Humility defined:

1.  Submitting to God’s call, God’s anointing, God’s purpose for your life.  (David did, Saul struggled)


2.  Submitting to God’s word- instruction in any area of your life.


3.  Leaning into the anointing-/ or the Word you’ve received/ trusting and relying on the Word/anointing you’ve received.


4.  Doing these activities God’s way.  The way Jesus would do them.  Employing the fruit of the Spirit.  You can only employ the Fruit of the Spirit by walking by faith.  When you and I get out of faith we exemplify the works of the flesh.


It’s not enough that you would give someone a blessing if your heart is sour.  “I’m only doing this because the Lord told me to.”


5.  Submitting to God’s delegated authority in your life (submitting from the heart).  Why, because they represent God.


6.  The ultimate expression of Faith.  Anytime your words and actions contradict God’s Work, it’s a form of rebellion and thus divination.


Divination/ witchcraft is to seek supernatural help or solutions or intervention with out being submitted to God.


7.  The Ultimate expression of Worship!  Sacrifice!  The highest form of Worship is  making Jesus the Lord of every part of your life.


Faith is the highest form of worship.  Sacrifice can be formalized, religious, formula’s, legalism, but faith can never be that.  Faith is obedience to the Word of God when it at times goes against natural methods, natural reason and natural feelings.