Pastor Dwain Daniel Fast 2014

Vision leaks has been our theme coming out of 2013 into 2014.    This is to say, VISION  devolves, falls out of mind and priority under the tyranny of the urgent and the press of life.  It’s not long and we are working on the daily – mundane – urgent again and we’ve lost sight of our greater goals.  Therefore we need to at least annually examine our life goals, adjust direction, realign connections and repair the leaks.

Ultimately we are want to SEE, WRITE AND RUN with VISION.  Being led by vision and not the urgent.  This is taken from a passage in the Old Testament.  Habakuk 2:2 where the prophet ends this portion by saying WAIT for the VISION.  We need patience so as not to abandon VISION before it comes to pass.

Will you recognized as well that there are many enemies to VISION;  busy-ness, fear, doubt, our past mistakes, conflict, self doubt, etc.  There are even demon forces working to obstruct and blind us from VISION.  This is a portion of what we learn in our text for the Daniel fast in Daniel 10.  Read it again and refresh your insights on demonic interference.

To grow in the release of VISION;  We need to know our strengths and trust that they are a gift from God.  You weren’t meant to do all things perfectly.  You have strengths and weaknesses.  Each of us succeed best when we discover our strengths and trust that they are God given.

Father has a prophetic story line, a book, a blue print already written for each of us.  In that prophetic story line is a hope and a power that we can tap into.  At any time in your timeline you can reach up into the answers, the grace, the victory He already ordained for you.

Imagination is a gift from Father given to us to bring forth good things, great things.  For us to reach more fully into our story line and see what’s possible.   We need to spend time in prayerful imagination over every Spoke of Purpose and write what we see.

Great Vision is a spiritual matter that begins with Him, therefore to walk in  true vision there must be the elements of Faith, prayer and prophetic  agreement for great vision to come to pass.

There is a pre- ordained path for you that is more fulfilling than your path and though it might be tough at times it will result in the best.  For us to succeed in “building according to this pattern” we must agree with God – verbally.