This week will make a difference

Pastor Dwain Event

God has been telling us that this is a blossoming season and a season of pollination.  Here’s some definition to our season:

Pollination is the process by which pollen is transferred in the reproduction of plants, thereby enabling fertilization and reproduction.

The blossom of the tree is to attract pollinators so the tree can set fruit. The flowers come out in the spring because they are responding to temperature changes and changes in the amount of sunlight per day.  The blossom period is a period of attraction and fragrance.

This year we have guest ministers coming to pollinate us!  Their coming is part of getting us ready to bear fruit in this next season.

I encourage you support what God is doing in our midst with all your heart and effort.  This will be a rewarding season and we will see the goodness of God.

This week we embark upon another great opportunity, Thursday and Friday.  We’ll be blessed by the ministry of Che Ahn from HRock Church and the HIM network.  Friday we’ll have a workshop in addition to the evening meeting.  Come get pollinated!

Pastor Dwain