The Ministry that will Change Your World

Pastor Dwain Prophecy

At New Horizon we’ve been discussing the importance of prophetic declaration, how the Holy Spirit-baptized believer is more powerful than the Old Testament prophet.

Matthew 11:11 – Truly I tell you, among those born of women there has not risen anyone greater than John the Baptist; yet whoever is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he.

We’ve also been discussing that the normal behavior of the believer is to prophesy. This kind of prophecy is understood as forthtelling, not just foretelling. Often we think of prophesying as to speak the unseen by ecstatic revelation, like foretelling. And this is a true understanding, but not the only understanding. You see, another aspect comes after you receive knowledge. Once you have revelation, once you have knowledge, once you come to know God’s will – you also have the ability to forthtell. That is, you have the ability to declare what you know, as a weapon, as a power to change what is seen. This too is known as prophecy, and it is greatly needed in this day and age. The prophetic ministry of the Church is to decree and declare the will of God come on earth, come to men, come to all of society, just as it is in heaven. As we know the Word, know what belongs to us in Jesus, know and understand who Jesus has made us to be, we are armed with the ammunition to decree these things into the spirit realm of our lives, churches, families and nations.

Don’t wait another moment to be the mouthpiece who agrees with God, with heaven’s agenda and heaven’s goodness. Start today, start releasing declarations that attract the Holy Spirit to bring them to pass. This is the ministry that will change your world.

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