The Levites kept the fire burning around the clock!

Pastor Dwain Prayer

Could you not tarry one hour with me?  These are the words of Jesus.  He’s asking us today just as he did 2000 years ago.  Could you devote an hour to Jesus?

In the book of Acts James declared that the prophecy of Amos (chapter 9) was being fulfilled right before their very eyes… that God was removing Israel and calling all the Gentile nations to himself and raising up the tabernacle of David.

The tabernacle of David was a tabernacle of 24 – 7 praise, worship, music.   The Levites were called to continue in worship, song, prayer and praise around the clock.   This was the secret of David’s success and the expansion of the Kingdom.  This tabernacle was an out growth of David’s heart that panted after God.  We are the Levites of this day.  We are called to continue around the clock in prayer, praise and worship…hosting a place for our God to rule.

Join us Wednesday night a, September 14 at 7:00 for directions on this all important plan.