The attractive Education invasion!

Pastor Dwain Uncategorized

Let’s pray for the righteousness of believers to invade the mountain/sphere of education. It’s exciting to know the power we have when we serve with a joyful heart…this is part of our role in bringing influence to the sphere of education.

Imagine the impact of Christian moms and dads serving at their local public schools; serving through the PTA, serving at crosswalks, serving in the reading program, serving as teaching assistants, etc. Joyful serving is one of the ways we bring the love and light of Jesus into culture. Joyful serving makes us attractive and gives us the right to be heard.

Since Jasmine started school, until now, Joel has been involved in the classroom as a helper. She has served the teachers in each classroom of our four children. This serving has given her a special place in the class room, a place to bless the teacher, get to know the teacher and eventually speak into/over the teacher. We’ve even been able to pray for/ with teachers at times.

Think of the impact we can make. No matter where children are being educated we can make a difference. Teachers need encouraged, prayed for and assisted. Who better to do this than the righteous, faith-filled believers.

Pray that Christian parents once again invade public and Christian schools with serving, help, encouragement and the light of the Lord.
Pray specifically for parents you know name.
Pray for Christian teachers by name as you know them.
Pray for home school educators/ moms and partners to have the grace on them to develop partnerships within their local school districts.