Thanksgiving is a sweet aroma to Father

Pastor Dwain Uncategorized

Another pillar to sacrifice and a sacrificial lifestyle is thanksgiving. 

Thanksgiving, gratefulness and gratitude is like a sweet aroma to God, that absolutely pleases Him.

At fancy churches the pastors will light incense around the front of the altar.  They might even have special services where there is incense burning.  The congregation comes and they smell the incense, but the incense is really meant for God.  It’s to God we should be offering incense.  And the incense should not be something burning from the front of the platform, but burning from us, from our worship and thankgiving.

If we go to church and we light incense, but inwardly we are not thankful, we are not offering to God the aroma that pleases.

We may have an outward aroma, but inwardly we are offering a stench.

Thanksgiving pleases God’s smeller.

We are thankful  we are redeemed.

We re thankful for every gift.

We are thankful we have been bought back.

We are thankful to be alive.

Thanksgiving is recognizing God’s goodness in the midst of life’s badness.

Thanksgiving sets the proper posture for serving and sacrificial living.

You gave me life, what can I do for you.

I would gladly do something for you, since you gave me life.

If you truly believe you were saved, brought back from death, rescued, given peace, given power, given an inheritance,…..

If we posture our lives with gratitude and thanksgiving to God it brings a inner change that affects all that we are

Thanksgiving is the posture of a have person, not a have not person.

…An adopted person.

…A person with a hope and a future.

…A blessed person.

This inward focus of thanksgiving will subconsciously allow us to please God in many other ways.

We won’t be trying so hard to arrive and hating that we haven’t.

We’ll understand we have arrived at so much and we’re so grateful for all that we’ve arrived at.

This a major pillar and posture for worship, for service, for giving and for loving.

If we posture our hearts in gratitude and thanksgiving, we’ll want to serve our redeemer.

If we keep a thankful heart, a grateful heart we’ll want to be pleasing him with attitude and behavior.

Let’s be intentional this season, intentional in thanks and intentional in monitoring our inner attitude of gratitude.