It’s Happening!

Pastor Dwain Miracles

March 12th a young man came to Jesus fresh from outreach. Tears of joy! Tammy Wixson went to the motel to pick up the family so they wouldn’t miss out on church, and the husband responded with real humility. March 19th a new family came forward as Chris was making a call forward about “getting up.” He asked those around …

Signs and Wonders

Signs and Wonders will Change the World

Pastor Dwain Gifts of the Spirit, Prayer, Prophecy

A second ministry that will change the world we live in is the ministry of signs and wonders. Satan knows this, therefore he is working hard to convince us to embrace a powerless gospel and become a powerless church. “Signs and wonders are not necessary. They’re dangerous.  All true signs and wonders went away with the apostles.” The activity that …

Saint Patrick

St. Patrick the Miracle-Worker

Pastor Dwain Gifts of the Spirit, Healing, Prayer

When Heaven touches people, people turn to Heaven. Herein is an overview of St. Patrick. This article contains information about the supernatural work of the spirit that he walked in and demonstrated. Through such power he was a great influence to convert Ireland to the Lord Jesus.  This is a longer read, but it is absolutely worth it.  I hope …